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Great for business or parties etc
Minimum order is 5 sheets as artwork takes time to set up.
(Please note these are for wording and logo's as above, ie on a white background and not on a block of colour)

Please ask before purchase! 
No extra charge for designs provided or simple designs 

Ovals Sizes are
40mm x 30mm 32 per sheet
60mm x 34mm 21 per sheet
for 75p a sheet

White Circle stickers sizes are

13mm 216 per sheet
19mm 117 per sheet,
25mm 70 per sheet,
37mm 35 per sheet,
45mm 24 per sheet,
50mm 15 per sheet,
63mm 12 per sheet,
88mm 6 per sheet,
75p per sheet

Rectangles sizes are approx
4 per sheet 139mm x 99mm
8 per sheet 70mm x 99mm
12 per sheet 72mm x 64mm
14 per sheet 38mm x 100mm
18 per sheet 63mm x 46mm
21 per sheet 63mm x 38mm
24 per sheet 47mm x 50mm
24 per sheet 63mm x 34mm
35 per sheet 35mm x 35mm
40 per sheet 46mm x 25mm
65 per sheet 22mm x 39mm
75p a sheet

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